The Giant Industry of Electricity

The energy sector evolution:

Since the nineteenth century, energy sector has become the cornerstone of the global industry.

This is due to the fact that economies has grown totally based on energy. Almost all products we use every day are manufactured through energy power and mechanisms. Our nutrition, clothing are made possible through electricity.

Everything is produced by energy; it is the most needed sector. This craving towards energy consumption has made it a giant industry worldwide. The energy power not only makes our life easier but also enables progress and development.

How energy enables progress and development? The answer is obvious, through generating enough power to factories to produce goods, to utilities to live daily needs, to governments to establish strategic future plans.

The importance of electricity on human life

Energy industry is a huge and wholesome world; we have better focus on a main sector from within the energy market, which is electricity.  The electricity chain has three essential constituents: power generation plants or sites, electrical energy transmission movement, and distribution to utilities.

The technical structure of electricity seems to be known now. Electrical grids and component are widely used since a century. The innovation of smart grids technologies and the creation of smart cities have also become an everyday reality. In fact, we can consider electricity as one of the most prominent science discovery ever. Modern life is totally relying on electrical energy whether in developed countries or in developing world.

Electricity has marked modern life and provided an indispensable source of energy and above all it is now a source of comfort. Imagining our lives in darkness and without electricity would be sheer suffering.

The industry of electrical equipments: the flourishing

Clear enough, the electrical industry has become a leading sector in modern life. The energy equipment revolution linked to electricity such as smart grids applications, has created a more sophisticated use of this power. Whether obtained from renewable sources or nonrenewable sources, the costs of electricity are still high. Although electric supply and equipment companies are maintaining a strong competition, the huge needs to the electricity made it always an expensive and valuable energy, thus a lucrative business. Though, the alternative energy sources (sustainable energies) are decreasing the prices significantly, the market still pushing for further augmentation of profits in this sector. However, the renewable sources which generate electricity such as sun, hydropower, wind, biomass, geothermal and other powers are gaining more eminent role in many countries around the world.

Therefore, e-electricity has suggested a wide range of services and products related to this particular field. After a deep analysis of the market needs and supply chain demands of electric power, e-electricity created a B2B net that provides a wide array of international electrical manufacturers in addition to a list of buyers eager to find their suitable electrical equipment supplier.


The platform is a big data analytics net plus it is the only bridge that links directly and instantly electric supply, equipment and services companies to the right buyers around the world. is the first specialized professional network of electricity in Africa, Middle East and the entire world.

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