China Chengdu International Solar PV Exhibition and 11th International Solar PV Exhibition 2019: Context and Scopes of the Chinese Two Key Events of PV Sector

China, the Biggest Solar Energy Manufacturer and Consumer in the World

The Chinese market represents unlimited opportunities of investment in multiple fields. However, one of the most important pillars of investments in the PRC is solar energy sector. In particular the sector of designing, manufacturing and distributing PV panels and systems and their related industries.

The market of photovoltaic systems and panels have enlarged greatly. As a matter of fact, 60 per cent of the solar panels global share is traded in China. In the Asian land where PV panels’ marketplace has been thriving, events such as China Chengdu International Solar PV Exhibition 2019 and 11th International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2019 are great occasions to attend.

The first global event (Chengdu International) will be held in March from 7th to 9th 2019. The event will take place in Western China International Expo City. The second event (11th PV Guangzhou 2019) will be held in August from 16th to 18th. The event venue is China Import & Export Fair Complex.

Both events are considered influential in the domain of manufacturing and distribution of PV panels and systems. The exhibition surface area is huge to provide more space for exhibitors. In addition, number of entries and media partners are large and the database is growing day after day. Raw material providers, PV cells or panels’ producers and distributers, solar equipment manufacturers, production equipment suppliers, and any other related specialties are welcome to attend.

Eventually, the presence in such events means an enlargement for the business, profits, markets and partnership networks. It means also an economic involvement in the energy sector and a direct contact with decision makers and key actors of the field of solar energy.

Chinese solar energy strategy and its insightful futurist results:

Energy event in China

As it is always the case in the Chinese industries, commitment, hard work and excellence are the pillars of success. The market is huge and the opportunities are endless. According to the latest studies and reports, Chinese companies of renewables are ranked in the TOP five of solar equipment manufacturer. In 2015, China is number two nation, which manufactured and consumed largest amount of solar energy. Then in 2017 china became number one in the production and consumption of solar PV and other related equipment of solar energy.

Ironically, what is considered a curse for other nations is a bliss for china. The Chinese government is the only actor in the world that handled well the large demographic population. In fact, it transformed the burden to a power. Therefore, the large need of the population that reached almost 1.386 billion (2017) for electricity is handled simply through renewable energy.

The Chinese consumption of electricity exceeded 5.92 trillion kWh in 2016. Consequently, the population needed an average of 3,927.04 KWh per capita. Hereafter, the government has established a strategic solar plan to face the large demand. President Xi Jinping has placed a consistent and solid interest in the investment of solar energy to prevent more pollution and future scarcity of electricity.


The latter fully succeeded and converted that Chinese burden of enormous electricity demand and the consequences of pollution into Chinese first source of energy and profits. Indeed, China now is the first producer of solar equipment, solar panels and solar systems in the globe. Solar farms are popping up all across the country and installations are in their peaks.

Under these circumstances and going along with the same strategy of more advancement in the field of solar power, do not forget to attend the events mentioned above ( More info here ) . Your attendance would mean more profits and multiple opportunities within the unlimited chinese market.

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