Dubai upcoming projects 2019: The Announcement of a Bulky CSP Tender

The awaited event: Dubai 2019 tender

Gulf countries reputation is always associated with petroleum wealth and fossil fuels derivations properties. However, country like United Emirates has made the difference. This country is always looking for sustainable solution in every field mainly in the energy field. Knowing that petroleum wells would start to drain by 2030, urgent solutions need to be established.

Renewable energy orientations:

Dubai upcoming projects 2019

The government of Dubai, specifically Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) proposes radical changes of energy orientations. The future now is in a green and clean eco system. Moreover, green energies based on ‎inexhaustible natural resources such as sun, wind, water or natural wastes are great alternatives.

They are the alternative of fossil fuels, which are costly, toxic to the environment and nonrenewable.

In this perspective, DEWA launched a large renewable energy tender of 300-MW. The tender consists exactly of 300-MW of what is called CSP, meaning concentrating solar power.

Correspondingly, the project of CSP will be established on one of the lots of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. This tender is announced in the beginning of May 2018 but will be enacted and published publicly in the next year (2019). Many solar energy companies are surely awaiting impatiently to bid for it.

Useful details for future bidders

The tender of concentrating solar power of 300 MW will be proposed by portions, which means that the share will grow to 1,000 MW by 2020. This tender characterized the third chapter of a larger project. The potency of the Al Maktoum Solar Park would probably reach 5,000MW by 2030. This huge amount of energy is to be tendered by portions as authorities announced. These huge capacities will entitle the park to be the biggest field of independent power producer (IPP). When finished, the solar park will be an iconic role model of an off grid system of renewable energy. The long-term objective of Emirates is to achieve 75 per cent of its electricity and energy needs through green resources by 2050.

Competitive business scheme: tendering

The governmental solar power tender of Emirates was only a case study. As far as tendering in general is concerned, this business orientation of procurement has been in its peak since the nineteenth century and onward. Tendering is beneficial for both the bidder and the procurer.

Tendering is beneficial for the bidders:

First, it is extremely lucrative to win a contract. Any electrical company for instance would search for the suitable business opportunity to seize. In the business world, nothing is more profitable than bidding and wining the contract. In the energy field, electricity tenders are among the biggest lucrative horizons ever. Whether it is a governmental or private tender, winning the project and starting its implementation is a significant achievement. The winning bidder will expand his business and build a reputation in the market.

Tendering is beneficial for the procurers

As a starting point, it gives them a wider range of electrical companies offers to choose from it. Furthermore, tendering is about building a strong relational network, thus, publishing a procurement will build a stronger network to your company. The bids a procurer will get are going to be very appropriate because of the competitive aptitude of the bidders.



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