E-Electricity Sponsoring Africa Smart Grid Summit: When E-Business Comes Into Reality

What is Smart Grid?

In modern era, Smart Grid deployment became vital. In fact, smart grid is the new industrial revolution of energy sector. However, what is beneficial more about it is not only the successful efficient management of energy but also the entailing of more audacious steps forward. These steps are in the domain of automated integration and control, smart transmission and distributions, applications of successful manipulation of UPS, etc. Above all, smart grid needs clear and solid foundations of development, technology and infrastructure.

Hereby, e-electricity is trying to bring a large array of professional communities, international collaborations and advanced smart grid networks into one platform called AFGS.

Why is E-Electricity Sponsoring AFGS?

smart grid summit Tunisia

E-electricity is proud to present to you the first edition of the African Smart Grid Summit. The team realizing this prominent event is hosted by “STEG” (Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas). DEN Energies Nouvelles are organizers. Orange Telecom, Elsewedy Electric, Corinex Smart Grid are gold sponsors. Deloitte is a silver sponsor. E-electricity, SACEM Group, STB, BH and ABB as sponsors.  Tunisie Telecom is a technology partner. Jeune Afrique is a media partner.

The event will be held in November 21 -22 in 2018. The host country is Tunisia. The guests will be staying in a prestigious hotel called Movenpick in a luxurious arena in Tunis the capital. The event peculiarity is that it focuses on both aspects: knowledge and business. At the same time, there will be an exchange of energy dialectic data together with business opportunities facts. The essence of the event is to understand African countries’ orientations and policies when it comes to smart grid adoption with a focus on sharing their global business insights.

This duality is tremendously important, as knowledge and business are the only way to African countries to overcome their shortage of energy. Many decision makers, who will be aiming at revamping their grids and acquiring smart equipment, will seal many deals during this summit. The guests, therefore, are an amalgam of policy makers, government representatives, researchers, green energy advocates and business leaders, etc. Eventually, electrical suppliers, energy leaders and energy market community in general will attend the event.

For these reasons and more, e-electricity decided to sponsor such an event. The event will be changing the energy road map of the entire continent of Africa.

What are the Details of the Program?

The program of the event is diversified. The speakers come from different backgrounds. They will chiefly try to transmit their knowledge and skills to the audience. The speakers as explained in the previous section are decision makers and business leaders in the domain of energy, electricity and smart grid.

The first day of the event, 21st of November, Mr. Anwar MAAROUF on behalf of the Tunisian Head of Government Mr. Youssef CHAHED will inaugurate the summit. Then, Mr. Slim FERIANI Tunisian Minister of Energy and Mines will be welcoming the audience.

Afterward, the panels of discussions and knowledge sharing will start. Mr. Rafik BEZZAOUIA: Head Of Department Strategy Group – STEG (Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas) will present an insightful vision through an intervention entitled “Energy Vision 2030”.

The interventions that follow and the speeches are revolving around energy visions and insights too. They are a combination of technical informative speeches about smart grid development and approaches. Besides, they comprise a rethinking of the entire sector of energy. How would it be possible to implement more steps that are revolutionary? What are the measures to be taken toward total grid’s modernization?

Generally speaking, during these two-days event after each three discussion panels the audience will have a break. Afterward different panels will be held under the title of “African Energy Outlook” where participants will display the market demand and supply of energy. These insights and anticipative measures and strategies will touch upon the energy section from 2020 until 2040.  They will discuss also long-term projects, perceptions and visions for a better African energy supply.

Moreover, there are other interesting themes of discussions. Smart grid solutions, latest products related to smart grid metering industry and newest smart grid applications are going to be discussed in depth during these days. The speakers are leaders, decision makers, top representative and expert of energy and electricity sector.

E-Electricity Exposure:

The event seems to be eventful. The networking chances and business opportunities are countless.

As far as e-electricity is concerned, the representative of the platform will be Mrs Asma Belkhir. She is a young leader of e-electricity team. She, as many of us dreams of a global e-commerce realm. Therefore, the presentation she is going to convey will be about the significance of online platforms in the business world. It is an approach of open horizons towards business globalization. The presentation will contain also a definition of the main principles of e-electricity. At the end of the presentation, Mrs Belkhir will share with the audience the long awaited upgraded version of our platform. The new version will be definitely a good surprise for e-electricity subscribers and even for new guests.

The Africa Smart Grid Summit is considered a major occasion for business leaders and decision makers to exchange and discuss in depth energy related topics. The world now has reached the fourth industrial revolution where robots are manufacturing robots. It is oriented towards a third dimension where technology is harnessed into power.


Note: Would you keep in mind that we might witness some changes in the schedule or the speakers, this is out of our control. Thus, the program’s details could be found in the official website of the event through this link : www.africasmartgridsummit.com

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