Electrical Companies in India: Potentials and Weaknesses

An introduction to the field of electricity

the large industry of electricity :

According to statistics, the first ranked electric company revenue has almost reached 117.386 Million Dollar! The company is General Electric, which has affiliation probably all over the world. This capital market is more than the budget of 201 country of the world! Now, General Electric is providing great amount of the global needs in electricity and its deriving. In fact, nowadays, the electrical equipment industry as a whole has a huge importance and potentials. It is growing in a very rapid pace that no one could control. The new technologies created in a daily bases made it more and more indispensable and reachable. Therefore, electrical automation companies, for instance, are racing to provide and give access to the latest technologies of electricity.

India as a case study

When we say electrical equipment, we are referring to any manufacturer or distributer of products or services related to electricity. Thus, India represents one of the biggest consumers of energy in general and electricity in particular. This is, first, due to the huge number of population (1,324 milliard inhabitants in 2016) and second to the growing phenomena of urbanization. Furthermore, electricity touches upon almost all life components. Amazingly enough and according to studies India is the world third generator of electricity. Alas, it is also the third consumer of electricity. In this perspective the question is does India attend its energy satisfaction?

The Indian energy market, the ups and downs dilemma

The potentials of the Indian electric market:

It is true that this sector is sometimes considered fragmented or not stable; however, many countries have managed to keep their steadiness. India is one of the countries that managed to obtain a substantial portion of market capital. The reasons of prosperity are the variation of products, the fixed prices, and the savage competition of leading electrical companies in India. In addition to that and among other reasons, the big projects of infrastructures and electrifications have made it possible to India to rank among the biggest countries that produce electricity. Not forget to mention the production of renewables. To illustrate the fact, green energy power plants characterized 32.2% of the entire installed grids. India, also, is rich of raw materials such as copper, aluminum and steel, which are considered the basic elements of electrical equipment industry.

Electrical Companies in India

The weaknesses of the Indian electrical market

Volatility of the market is what frightened electrical investors. The huge purchasing power of the Indian market (as the number of inhabitants is large) can be a great deal but alone, it is not enough. Products prices can have a great influence, too. The Indian middle and lower class (which are the greatest in number) cannot afford to e-buy (to buy from the internet) high technologies of electricity. this culture is not spread yet.

Furthermore, mostly, the government controls the electrical sector in India. Equally important the Indian government plans to tackle the scarcity of energy resources, so, they established “Power For All” roadmap. The objective of this roadmap is to diminish greatly the energy gap by 2019.

Eventually, even though the Indian market is considered one of the largest market it is still sometimes controlled and condemned by fluctuation, crises and downfalls.

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