Energy Industry Events: Top Five Upcoming Conferences in USA

Why is it crucial to follow energy events?

Currently, energy is the hottest topic to tackle. We must discuss energy themes in a serious and deep way (whether renewable or exhaustible).  Following the news, conferences, and energy events is significant if you were an investor in this market. Global energy conference, mainly electricity conferences are influential tools for people who are interested in the field for several reasons.

Energy Industry Events

Data gathering:

Any electrical equipment supplier would wait impatiently for such events. The quantity of data published and communicated in any event is huge. The quantity of data gathered is tremendously crucial for the supplier future strategies. Having much knowledge acquired during the events is a kind of ideas’ mining. That means, if companies are looking for more brilliant ideas, they might discuss with futurist researchers and leader actors about it. Alternatively, for companies, which are interested to find out the latest high technology trends in the domain of energy, attending events is crucial. To summarize, in order to accelerate your business rhythm you have to be knowledgeable and up to date, thus attending events and conferences is an obligation.


Electrical equipment distributors are the biggest winners of the attendance of energy industry events. The insights discussed in such conferences are greatly important but further than this, the networks present in such event is impressively influential. Energy expositions meetings are always full of policy leaders, so they provide a great opportunity of networking. Accordingly, the access to this realm of policy makers and policy leaders of energy is in the essence of attending conferences. Therefore, the chances to establish new partnerships are wider. The last point is that these events not only provide a network of partners but also a network of potential clients. This could happen through face-to face meetings, workshops, discussions and round tables offered in any energy conference.

Top Five Upcoming Energy Conferences in USA

There are energy conferences, electricity exhibitions and global energy events all over the world. However, it is important to mention that the participation in such events is sometimes heavily expensive. This is a list of forthcoming events in USA

ASME Power & Energy Conference

ASME is the abbreviation of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which are the organizers. The conference date is from 24 to 28 of June 2018 in Lake Buena Vista -city in Orange County-Florida, United States of America. Main points of focus are the latest research and technologies in the field of energy. The conference lecturers are highly qualified specialists. Predominant topics are power generation new systems and energy sustainability solutions. The event includes an exhibition and a nuclear forum too.

Intersolar North America Exhibition

The event is composed of a conference and simultaneously an exhibition. The date of the program is on July the 10until 12, 2018 in San Francisco, Northern California. Numerous electrical manufacturers, renewable energy suppliers and energy service providers are waiting for the event impatiently. This is due to the reason of its wide impact and reliability in the field of energy.

The topic of discussions are related to the field of renewable energy. Chiefly, photovoltaics equipment, smart renewable energy solutions, and latest solar thermal technologies.

EES Exhibition

EES stands for electrical energy storage, which represent the organizer of the exhibition. The event offers a global exposition of products concerning batteries and storage systems. The days of the conference are from July 9 until 11 and the exhibition is from July 10 until 12, 2018, both are in San Francisco. The main arena of discussion will be the entire chain of storage system with all of its implication. Therefore, participants will be benefitted from a series of discussion of latest storage technologies. The contributors of the event are leader stakeholders of energy storing marketplace.

Energy Exchange 2018

The launcher of the event is the Federal Energy Management Program. The corresponding dates are August 21-23, in Cleveland, Ohio. The event is terrifically comprehensive and it has multiple horizons. It is about an exchange of knowledge through training sessions and technology oriented demonstrations. The interactivity of the discussions ‘panels and wide opportunities of learning will be beneficial for any interested private or public energy leader in the globe.

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