The Equilibrium Equation: Quality, Price and Sustainability = Smart Energy companies

The world before smart energy:

The demand on energy is huge and inexhaustible. From the day of industrial revolution in the 18th century until modern times, the world has been living the deep repercussions. It is true that the industrial revolution at that time led to a deep economic growth. Its result is the creation of an array of new products and then new consumption patterns. However, that increased the energy consumption in an inescapable way.

That period was stamped by fossil fuel usage. Fossil fuels is composed of high level of carbon and contains coal, natural gas and most importantly petroleum. The derivations consist of kerosene and propane.

Steam engines like steam locomotives for instance, which are an essential parts of industrial revolutions are using chiefly coal. These engines used huge amounts of coal as source of energy. Coal mines were on their spike and people never thought that other energies will and should replace fossil fuel. These powers were seemingly endless. After centuries, people have discovered a life changing truth. The reality is that the substitution of fossil fuel, meaning coal, natural gas and petroleum is an obligation. Fossil fuel energy is, indeed, a nonrenewable energy that could come to an end in the early future. The professor Hodgson also highlights the fact that petroleum generation is clearly in its ultimate production in the years 2008-2018 but after, there will be a dramatic, disastrous fall.

Smart energy is the market equilibrium

According to the law of supply and demand there is a relation of pull and push between the supply source and the consumption demand. Clearly, each time the supply resource is down simultaneously with a high demand: the prices will be raised automatically. In reality, the relation of supply-demand is what creates the market balance.

Considering this analysis, we will know how smarts energy is the solution. High prices affect purchasing power and lead to low profits and economic crises in an advanced stage. In that case, supply insufficiency in fossil fuel will lead to an acute rise of prices in energy. The solution is to find the alternative. The only alternative is smart energies. For that, there is a list of smart grid companies, which are providing top range products.

Smart energies are green energies with the connotation of “smart” because they are the ultimate solution to energy scarcity. In fact, many countries are adopting smart energy plan, which is the transition towards renewable energy. Sustainable energies are never exhausted. However, implementing such a revolutionary system is not going to happen immediately. Many European countries whether under the Sys Flex program or not are getting smart energy oriented. Taking Denmark as a case study, the latter is targeting to found a fully smart energy system by 2050. Therefore, top European renewable energies are competing to meet the countries’ aspirations

The path is not easy but not impossible. It needs an adoptable infrastructure, flexible laws and propping taxes. It needs also new regulations to encourage consumers to shift from dependable sources to renewable energy. Furthermore, Denmark has to initiate integration of green energies culture in people’s minds. The country is surely going to undergo a different era of innovative business models and fresh consumption patterns.

The fruit of this is a successful combination of reliable, infinite sustainable source of energy versus good prices. As shown earlier, when the supply is increased the prices get low. Thereafter, new technologies and futurist practices are encouraged strongly. Smart energies are the only solution of to harmonize quality, price and energy sustainability.

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