“Factory of The Future”: Where Robots are Fabricating Robots! ABB a Leader of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • What is The Field Robotics?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary science. It is a combination of mechanical, electric and electronics engineering. It touches also upon computer science and automation industrial sciences. Robotics is not limited to one discipline and not the other. However, to be clearer we have to say it simply. Robotics is the field of study, which deals with the design, production, information processing and autonomous operations of a robot.

The next question would be what is a robot? By definition, a robot is an instrument or a machine that can handle tasks, which humans cannot sometimes. For instance, NASA is using the robot “Robonaut” which has a main mission to hold heavy substances found on the planet Mars’ surface. There are many other uses of robots when it comes to risky jobs and peculiar responsibilities. There are other robots, which take orders from humans. This category is used as servants and they do not handle super activities like the previous example. However, this type of robots is taking more space in numerous work sites. They have become alternatives of human employees. Many advocates against the use of robots in work sites as it creates unemployment.

There is a long array of other types of robots. In recent years, scientists created Human-Robots, which have facial expressions, gestures control, speech tone and sensory intelligence.

In this perspective, ABB the Swiss Company of industrial technology has created a cutting edge initiative. Enhanced by a history of perpetual development in the energy sector through technology, ABB has created the hype. The company is initiating what they called factory of the future.

  • ABB: Company Overview

ABB is one of the largest providers of products of lighting, electronics, electric automation systems, services and industrial power grids as a whole.

Decades of hard work made ABB affiliations multiply across 100 country. For instance, the affiliation of the Ivory Coast ABB is one of the well-known vendors and distributors in Africa. The Swiss giant is ranked in the top list of electrical equipment manufacturers in the marketplace of electrical industry. Prominent solution-oriented applications and fully automated systems made ABB a pioneer among its competitors. Their main value has been always integrity. For that reason, durability and trustworthiness are their guiding lines.

The history of the company is deep-rooted since 100 year ago. Through its life cycle, many companies have contributed to shape the glory of today. The company has changed a lot ever since but its core value is the same. The core value of ABB has been always based on innovation and permanent research.

  • ABB: Nine Corporate Research Centers

Each year ABB invests about 1.5 billion dollar to enhance research and development in a consistent way. These nine corporate centers are spread across seven countries. The countries on which ABB has centers of developments are China, India, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and United States of America. These focus groups consist of electrical engineering experts, skillful technical experts and leading mentors.

In fact, ABB operates over tremendously important axes of research and development. The axes of studies are communications technology, control and management, electromagnetics, equipment and power electronics, sensors and mechanics’ techniques.

The group of skillful qualified engineers who are passionate about what they do are not working alone. They are collaborating with universities, centers of R&D and schools of technology. The expertise of the leading team of ABB is reshaping and rethinking the whole industry of technology and automation.

A special group called ABB Technologies Ventures (ATV) is entrusted with 200 million dollar of investments. These groups are startups led by young adventurers who are thinking out of the box. To think differently, to be innovative and to have a futurist vision are the main key principles of ABB teams and researchers.

ABB: Factory of The Future

  • ABB: The Project of Factory of The Future

The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by the combination of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and all of their related subjects. Under those circumstances, ABB is considered a leader of the fourth industrial revolution as it represents the typical fusion between technology and AI. The leading experts of ABB have initiated the idea of the factory synchronized with another revolution in the energy sector. This successful duality of technology serving energy sector with an interrelation with AI has engendered the idea of Factory of The Future.

Let us first enumerate some facts.  The factory is going to be built on the Chinese land exactly in Shanghai with a total surface of 60,000 m². The overall estimated budget is 150 million dollar. The project is due to an end by 2020. The scale and significance of the factory is remarkable. Although, ABB is investing in China since 1992 with a total investment value of 2.4 billion dollar, this project is considered the most prevalent investment. It is the most prevalent investment because it is the world most advanced factory of robots manufacturing robots. The program of production line of robots is extensive.

Eventually, the Swiss giant is not only creating cutting edge technologies but also it is building the most innovative techniques of production chains and the largest manufacturing capacities. Equally significant, the factory is also going to be environmentally friendly.

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