The Fever of Electrical Smart Grids Development

“The only constant element in technology is change”. Marc Benioff


The world of electrical equipment is a magnificent realm. It has been in perpetual and fevered development since centuries ago. However, the fever of discoveries and inventions did not stop there. It extended to reach more and more each century. Nowadays, electrical equipment companies are extending their research entities beyond imagination. We no longer talk about mere devices or machinery, which operates with electricity. The world fast evolutionary pace made coping with technological progress inescapable. Thus, the portal of smart grids, smart equipment and even smart cities has been open wide.

1- The efficacy of smart electrical equipment

The reference to the concept “smart” is certainly a positive sign of human brain development. The entire supply chain leaped to the next level. Generation of development in electrical engineering field created a wave of advancement. In many areas and regions, governments are trying to modernize and reassure smart grid infrastructure for their citizens.

However, revamping the existing electrical equipment is not always the solution. Though it is considered as a good step to begin with in many countries which have limited budgets. The electricity delivery system is sometimes based on non-renewable sources and other on hybrid systems. Here is the essential part of smart grids advantages. Correspondingly, the intelligent part of smart grids is that they fully adopt any hybrid system and this is a great benefit. Whether households generate electricity through wind, sun, water, natural gas or any other resources

Large international companies are also in a restless race to ‎saturate the market with the newest trends.

These smart systems are able to control, manage, analyze and convey data in real time. The smart grid what so ever is the type can sense signals of acquisition. Then, it transmits also all kid of suitable instruction, which help the entire chain prevent any electrical shortage. The monitoring system of electrical smart grids is what makes its equipment extraordinary in terms of efficiency

2- Smart grid equipment: smart transformers as a case study

The fundamental notion or conceptualization of smart grid devices is its brilliant communication abilities. In this system of propitious data flow, energy conservation is made possible. The maximization of energy loss is a benchmark of any smart grid system of functioning.

Taking smart transformers as a prominent example, one can rely greatly to the previously mentioned benefits. The definition of smart transformers is that it is considered a substantial part of smart grid industry. Whereas a traditional transformer function to regulate voltage when needed, a smart grid does more. The smart device regulates voltage too but also sustains the connection to permit efficient management of data. This operation of voltage optimization when monitored remotely, the amount of energy allocated is definite and precise. In hybrid systems, this system smart transformers monetarization allows for more energy consumption. Besides, another key benefit of smart transformers is that they react immediately and promptly to any fluctuations within the entire supply chain.

The growing global market value of these equipment, which reached USD 1.25 Billion in 2016 is proliferating to USD 2.43 Billion by 2022 is impressive.  Consequently, top manufacturers of smart grids such as SACEM Smart and others are developing and allocating research units to enhance the options and characteristics of their products. The sector is a great investment field because of the high demand and increasing growth of industries and cities.

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