The Golden Rules to Win a Contract Award of A Tender

What is tendering procurement process?

The tendering procurement process is invading the market of any good all over the world. This process has been adopted whether by public or private entities. Procurements are large-scale purchasing offers. They are published sometimes in newspapers or in specialized magazines (the old fashion way) and sometimes published in specialized platforms of business opportunities and e-tendering.

As far as the energy sector is concerned tendering has become a very effective way of exchange, trade and purchase. On the other hand, it has become a very brilliant way to business to thrust. Tendering is a characterized procurement process, where you have to undergo many stages (sometimes complicated ones) to be the final winner. First, we have to know that the energy procurement offer is the bases of the whole operation. Any industry (public or private) would recruit a team to draft the procurement. That offer of purchase involves normally: the budget, the specification, the field and many other details.

Certainly the deadlines, the reference, the detailed specification documents are also included in any procurement. After the electrical procurer (the buyer) would publish his need in any suitable and accessible site, platform such as e-electricity or sometimes in newspapers, the bids are welcome.

Why do electrical suppliers opt for tendering?

Well tendering is beneficial for both the buyer (the procurer) and the supplier (the bidder). For the buyer for instance if any electrical industry is looking for amounts of transformers, switchgears or any other electrical equipment, certainly they want to find top electrical equipment and service companies. Therefore, while publishing their need they will have a wider range of supplier to choose from. Second, undoubtedly the procurer will find the best price through the bidding procedure.

Similarly, the supplier is a beneficiary. Any electrical supplier is looking for business opportunities to launch new projects. Thereby, tenders are great opportunities for him. If an electrical equipment company meets the requirement and applies before deadlines winning the contract would be the final result. It is true that the procedure is longer and more complicated than that but the result is certain. Accordingly, the supplier and buyer are both beneficiaries, it is a win-win situation.

What to do to win the contract award?

First, you have to know that big contracts require huge capital of investments so e-electricity advises you to find the right partner. Never underestimate your company’ capacities but also never apply for a tender that you cannot accomplish its specification this is the golden rule.

Moreover, you have to read thoroughly the specification and requirement, the location, deadlines, tender procedures and guidelines, etc. Subsequently, respond carefully to the mandatory forms, tables, documentations or any other type of paper required by the procurer.

The evaluation criteria of any tender are simply, the manner any buyer would score your offer. Thus, be careful your score should be high to win the contract. The score of a tender differentiate from and offer to the other and from a location and field to another. However, basically, it depends on the relation between the quality of your product and the price (the bid or quote) you are offering. You have to create a consistent solid and high-qualified profile to draw attention and be shortlisted.

As soon as the tender procurement process is concluded, the selection and shortlisting process is finalized. Eventually the winner is granted the contract. The award could be the real chance that any supplier dream of; all you have to do is to seize it.

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