Jinkosolar A Role Model of solar energy Company: Future Energy in Safe Hands

Jinkosolar (JKS) is not a mere successful solar energy company. It is not only a business, which is flourishing, in a fast and steady pace or a group of investors who are trying to make a fortune. Even though they are classified one of the most fortune 500 companies in china. Jinksolar is beyond that. JKS leaders aim to establish a whole culture of clean and green energy. They want to be a source of a sustainable energy supply worldwide. The expertise and global disposal are their bridge to reach the change they want to see in the world. Their vision is the production of clean electricity and delivering only green solutions. The responsibility and the task are extremely challenging but they are determined to achieve it.

Their capacity of production is huge, almost 3400MW in 2018. JKS also maintains more than 343 solar energy station. Impressively, if we would like to count the growing production of the company we would find a capacity of about 6.609 billion KW of green electrical power. This is the equivalent of an estimated 5.15 MILLION-Ton reduction of CO². Subsequently, JKS is considered one of the biggest advocate and environmentally responsible companies in the world.

Jinkosolar solar energy company


An overview of the company’ achievement and major stages:

  • R&D units:

Success stories do not come overnight. They are always a result of hard work and commitment. In fact, since its inception in 2006, the company established a large unit of R&D (Research and Development). Probably, the unit is the cornerstone of the outstanding status of the company today. From that date and forward, manufacturing latest technologies of Photovoltaic panels and models were their ground of excellence.

  • Achievements and awards:

In 2012, JKS was nominated number 1 in Photon Lab Test for 60-cell polycrystalline proficiency and the globe‘s first company to succeed PID Free test. PID means Potential Induced Degradation, which is the negative process of panels’ losing efficiency faster than expected. That is the loss of energy and reduction of electrical production during the cells’ lifespan (normally 25 years). The company passed the IEC 62804 standard test under 85℃ /85% RH, which is remarkable. At the same year, the company prepared the foundation of first models to maintain EPC projects in the country.

Moving forward, in 2016, JKS was ranked the largest solar system producer in the world. The array of achievements does not end there. During this year (2018), Jinkosolar was nominated: Top Brand PV in Australia, Germany, and Austria, first Global Module Shipment and TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters winner. Another, sign of commitment and professionalism are also the awards of Sullivan China New Economy and BCG 2018 Global Challengers prizes. This remarkable and long list of achievements and accomplishments are the pillars of JKS’s success and global prevalence.



  • Warranty policy:

Despite its large reputation and trustworthy products, the company pursuit of perfectionism does not end there. The warranty policy and conditions are the strongest aspect of commitment. First, we have to bear in mind that JKS provides a complete and detailed installation manual. The company offers a wide range of services and engineering solution, which comprises installation, sustainable energy consultancy, innovative high technology solutions, smart control and management, etc. The optimized processes the company manufactures allow for pertinent energy management and efficiency.

Coming back to the warranty policy of JKS, the guarantee includes the whole system equipment, for example, cables, panels, DC connectors, etc. The defects involve any deformity in the design or equipment and any reduction of performance. As far as performance is concerned, the company models’ guarantee reaches 25 years. There are detailed legal specification sheet for whom concerned (precisely clause number 3 and 4) to understand more about the degradation rate period. Also, see clause 6 to know the remedies and compensation you would enjoy in case of damage.

Cheetah Module : the peak of technological advancement in the world of solar modules:

JinkoSolar’s 72-cell ‘Cheetah’ module as just the name can trigger is the most powerful mono-facial system of solar energy in the market. The product is the latest and most current technology, which the company launched.

  • The problematic:

The problematic, which JKS tried to tackle, is reducing BOS expenses at the same time keeping an efficient electrical power. BOS is the abbreviation of Balance of System, which is the combination of components and equipment related to any solar PVs. For instance, equipment needed includes transmission lines, switches, control panel enclosures, detectors, etc. Taking also in consideration the durability of equipment and the quality of the panel itself. The equation sounds extremely difficult for any manufacturer to produce. However and despite its complexity, JKS solved the equation and found the suitable outlet.

  • The solution:

72-cell ‘Cheetah’ (P-type mono-PERC) module solved the problems we discussed earlier and more. It is considered the most reliable and innovative technology in the field of solar energy. The secret ingredients were the expert engineers and high tech consultants who were working day and night in one of the largest factory in the world (Next-Gen Ultra-Smart P5 factory). The enormous factory capacities provided for the engineers the suitable environment to develop what is classified now as the highest-performing mono-facial module on the marketplace. If we say marketplace we mean a global presence.

  • International reach

Thanks to its eight manufacturing units and 12 thousand technician, the capacities are massive and the reach is unlimited. The company operates over more than 30 country almost in five parts of the world. To enumerate, the company is a main exporter to Japan, Singapore, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Australia, South Africa and UAE Romania, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, etc.


The global presence and worldwide spread were not mere chance. They were a result of consistency, trustworthiness and reliability. Indeed, the company also is a holder of a series of world records in the production of various modules. Namely, the modules rewarded are P-Type 60 Cell Polycrystalline and 60 Cell Monocrystalline.

Jinksolar is a row model of a company that reached the peak of fame and success thanks to its commitment and innovation. The automated systems and technological assets are the cornerstones. The products are widely distributed and accessible. For more details or inquiries, feel free to contact the costumer care team of e-electricity.com

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