How Much Smart Is A Smart Grid!!

From 1800s until now, electrical grids are getting smarter!

In the beginning of lighting journey only two known electrical current DC and AC.

AC is an abbreviation of alternating current and DC is the abbreviation of direct current. The main dissimilarity between AC and DC is in the specificities and functions. It is true that these information are too technical but they are tremendously important to understand the electrical system.

Thus this system is surely a futuristic system, which later will be fundamental for more energy management achievements.

Afterward the inventions have multiplied and electrical energy has become widely spread. The results are that electrical grids are getting more complex but also smarter.

How does a smart grid work?

Did you know that by the year 2015, we reached more than 9300 grid all over the globe? This meant over one million Megawatt power energy flowing to household, factories and public utilities. Talking about “smart” grid means the transformation from the traditional DC, AC grid system to the automated system. The communication channel has changed and every smart grid company is competing the other to manipulate and control the market by the newest technologies and inventions in this field.

How does a smart grid work?

Then, what is a smart grid exactly? A smart grid is the usage of digital technological advancement in the monitoring and distribution of electric energy. This is a simple definition of the concept, however getting into details would cover deeper use of this intelligent discovery. The passage towards an automated system communication between the energy supplier and the receiver of electrical power has made the three main components of electrical industry finally got in touch. These three essential components of the industry of electricity are power plant companies, transmission wires (final stage distribution transformers) then consumers.

What are the advantages of smart grids?

Traditionally the energy provider does not know much about his energy efficiency or failure until a consumer calls him and complain about an electric failure or breakdown somewhere. Sometimes, an electric failure could be catastrophic mainly nowadays when electricity has become an indispensable part of our life.

This is old history for many countries, which adopted fully a smart grid system; they totally got rid of this problem once and for all. The automatic system enables the energy provider to track data as the elements of smart grids are providing instant information from the energy transformer. These data are collected and analyzed so that they are not only a source of information, but also a preventive way to know and predict any near failure that could occur within the whole journey of electricity flow from its plant station to the utility.  If you predict beforehand the failure of electric circuit or the breakdown of any components then you can avoid it.

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