Online Marketing: A Borderless Marketplace E-electricity As a Case Study

What is the Definition of electronic marketing?

E-commerce is the revolutionary venture of marketing. The concept is composed of two facets the first is “e” which means online or via internet. The second is commerce, which means business transactions. The circle of buying and selling. These channels of transactions are a very useful and modern way of marketing without the need of real presence.

Everything happens online. The whole supply chain starts and ends electronically. Currently, the world has become a large interconnected market where people from all over the globe can trade freely as long as they have internet. The emergence of this digital parallel market has altered the vision of the future economic world.

ELectricity Market place

What are the Benefits of electronic marketing?

The impact of online marketing is tremendous on the economy. Both buyers and suppliers are benefitting from the emergence of this marketplace.

  • This type of transaction permits any consumer to purchase any good whenever and wherever he/she is.
  • The geographical barriers and language hinders do not exist. Any electronic website or platform is translated into at least three international languages.
  • Physical presence is not necessary. You can seal any deal without being present in the real space. The most important part is that you manage well your software and technological assets.
  • Electronic marketing does not demand a large financial capital. Low budget investors and young entrepreneurs can find the suitable channel to grow their businesses. 
  • B2B or B2C platforms and other types of networks that put buyers and suppliers together are great help. In the electricity market, for instance it is tremendously important for buyers to find where to publish their demand of electrical procurements. On the other hand, electrical equipment suppliers are craving to bid and win the tender contract. Therefore, they both can have the adequate place to bargain and communicate through platforms.
  • Traditional methods of marketing does not require much of competitive skills, it is rather about large capitals and production capacities. However, electronic marketing tools of advertisement is often cheaper and spread faster. Eventually, your business grows faster and your brand spreads quickly.


E-electricity platform: A case study

Saying that energy is the hottest topic to discuss and the most lucrative field to invest are not new pieces of information. Actually, energy market is a leading arena of investment. If going hand in hand with technology then we are in a revolutionary phase of online energy marketing. Via platforms like buyers and suppliers from all over the world can communicate in networks to purchase, to display products, to demand, to sell, to ask or to offer services, to advertise…etc.

This digital process is an innovative step. Networking in platforms is the new modern way towards “platform-centric” business models.

The new business model needs to be futurist, tangible, ambitious. Thereafter, e-electricity could be the most useful and powerful way to first know the target audience preferences and secondly to identify your business plan or strategy. Using this type of online sites such as platforms offers a unique opportunity to have your own online shop. Besides, you can contact your customer base easily and quickly. Therefore, platforms and online marketing are the backbone of nowadays commerce. They are the path to flow towards an open flawless unstoppable business profits.

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