Power Technology Innovation & Transformation

Top 3 Power Technology Innovation & Transformation

Today, the emergence of digital technologies such as smart grid in the power industry allows several changes such as connecting and computerizing information systems.
Experts say that the traditional electric utility to operate in a new energy future model will be upended, and utilities will need to adjust their business model.

1- Solar Cells: While wind and water can be used to generate power through movement, the sun provides a significant amount of energy in the forms of heat and light. Solar cell technology, called photovoltaic (PV) cells, converts that light into electricity. These PV cells contain semiconductor materials such as silicon. Electrons in the semiconductor move when the material absorbs the light.

2- Renewable reaching grid parity: For years, the primary argument against renewable energy was that it isn’t cost effective. Today, that line of reasoning is becoming increasingly obsolete. In many regions, wind and solar especially at utility scale are reaching grid parity and often pricing out more traditional generation resources.

3- Rethinking power systems: stronger, smarter, efficient, reliable and flexible large transmission and distribution grids are being built and developed with the capability to move large amounts of electricity from generation and energy storage sources and to provide electromechanical stability, voltage regulation and other support services to the grid. They are crucial to delivering electricity with increasingly reduced CO2eq emission.

Electricity is very important for the future energy. It is the best element for developing better solutions.

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