Renewable energy, what is it?

Renewable energy, what is it?
What is the list of Renewable Energies?
And what are its most advantages and disadvantages?

The term renewable energy is often assimilated to “clean and safe” energy. The definition is different: clean energy produces little or no pollutant, or it produces pollutants that disappear quickly without environmental consequences. Renewable energy is not necessarily clean, and vice versa: for example, the collection and combustion of biomass can produce nuisances (deforestation, reduction of biodiversity, etc.) and pollutants (NOx, soot, dioxins, etc.). , This is particularly the case for solid biomass such as wood). There are therefore only sources of energy more or less harmful according to the circumstances. Many renewable energies have an impact on the environment, but they also have benefits, which allow a lot of things. Solar, hydro, wind and geothermal energy are the 4 most commonly used energies that are used in the chain of human life.

Solar energy has many advantages, it is a non-polluting energy, light does not cost anything and it needs little support and maintenance. But it also has disadvantages, such as the fact that there is no light at night, it needs a lot of space, placement can alter the energy taken in the panels and the panels are fragile. They produce only lights but also to heat water with solar thermal panels

Hydraulic power remains a natural and non-polluting energy; it is used with water all over the world. But it is expensive energy, with large dams and it also disrupts the ecological environment. It only produces electricity.

Wind energy, is very advantageous, with wind all the time, day and night, it does not need large factories, for the fairs worked, everything is in it. Like all renewable energies, it does not pollute. But it has an impact on the visual aspect of the landscapes, a wind turbine costs as much as dams, in hydroelectric plants. It also has an impact on migrations of birds. Wind turbines only produce electricity.

Geothermal energy, actually has a pollution, but not toxic. It produces a lot of energy for little space. But it takes a lot of effort to distribute the energy sources they provide. The geothermal plants, have a very expensive installation. Geothermal energy also generates electricity.

To sum up, all renewable energies are costly, but they provide a lot of human good in everyday life. Governments are struggling to accept the price of these energies. This is why fossil fuels are still used in mass, because they produce more energy, even if they run out faster and faster. The fossil fuels are: Gas, Coal and Oils.

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