Check out what is happening at Middle East Electricity and Global Smart Energy Summit

These days the world is boiling over a huge event, actually two main events happening at the same days and at the same place. The events, which are totally related to energy, are “Middle East Electricity exhibition” and the second event is “the Global Smart Energy Summit”. The events are held in Dubai and hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Energy.

UAE is an innovative country when it comes to energy domain. The government, specifically the Ministry of Energy, has made a revolutionary decision. It is about a total transformation of energy sources. The country used to generate electricity totally from gas (nonrenewable energy), however now, the country is shifting towards renewable energies such as solar, wind and nuclear (as they are classified as ecologically sustainable and green). The strategy of Dubai is clean energy-oriented. The main objective is to afford seven per cent of its energy needs from green powers by 2020.

The astonishing objective is that by 2050 Dubai is planning to provide 75 per cent of its energy consumption through clean energies.

To conclude the UAE is one of most remarkable countries in the field of energies, for this reason hosting those two titanic events is not surprising.

Middle East Electricity Exhibition

The gigantic event entitled Middle East Electricity Exhibition is taking place in World Trade Centre in Dubai as mentioned earlier. The exhibition is in its 43th edition, each year is more successful than the other. It is held in the 6th, 7th and 8th of March. The exhibition is entitled “The Power Behind The Middle East Energy Industry”. The event is considered one of the most remarkable   global events of the energy industry on the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region and the world. The event is composed of demonstration of electrical grids in general- the smartest technologies- and the wholesome world of renewable energy products. Furthermore, the exposition introduces the latest electrical smart grids innovations. The exhibition includes the lighting industry too.

This meeting compromises more than 100 country, they are either exhibitors or sponsors. This ever-growing sector of energy needs an up to date presence and discoveries of the field, therefore, the participation to such event is considered an exigency for world leaders of energy. About 20.000 high-level decision-making leaders would attend the event. Thousands of guests are coming in crowds.

The event focuses on both aspects energy related knowledge workshops and technical seminars.

The Global Smart Energy Summit

This first edition of The Global Smart Energy Summit has been eagerly awaited and expected. The objective of both the exhibition and this international summit is to thoroughly energize and stimulate the energy sector. This could be achieved through the large exhibitions of the newest smart grids and electrical components and knowledge building in the sector of energies.

Moreover, the essential aim is the dissemination of a global awareness about more collaboration and orientation towards being smart and green.

Countries should be unifying their visions and strategies, this could be achieved through initiating a global dialogue: the thing the summit is doing. About 700 delegates, more than 20 country representatives, about 110 speakers (regional and international) are the attendees of the summit. Thus, a huge networking, sharing, and discussions of energy related matters are surely going to be established. Leaders and pioneers of energy world will be sitting on the table and debating the urgent issues of power technologies and innovation, necessary reforms and policies, progression of smart grids and the latest and biggest Middle East North Africa (MENA) future energy projects and tenders.

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