Switchgear Market : The Expansionist Phase

An overall idea about switchgears


The manufacturing of switchgears basically arose from the necessity of protecting the electrical equipment. At the beginning of electricity transmission, the equipment were really simple and limited. However, in the expansionist phase of electricity transmission, the equipment got larger and the components got more complicated. For that reason switchgears were invented. Switchgear manufacturing has started during the 18th century (approximately hand in hand with the invention of electricity). Still, the industry has greatly developed mainly during the 19th century onward. The starting point of switchgears were completely simple. The concept was simple when it first started; it was in as modest as to hang the different electrical component to a wall. Although, that was a plain and unsophisticated idea, but thanks to it, switchgear has been developed to what it is in modern times.


Commonly known, the most important function of switchgears is protection of equipment. However, it is not the only function. One of the chief functionality of switchgears is preservation of equipment.  This is totally logic and true. Correspondingly, switchgear provides electrical separation of circuits from power supplies. Switchgear is manufactured to enhance system accessibility by permitting more than one source of energy load (the possibility of renewable energy).

Moreover, this device helps greatly in avoiding fault current. At the same time, switchgears uphold a flawless electrical circuit through its system of isolation. To conclude, this metal enclosed huge equipment are essential part in power supply structure.

Switchgear market: A promising lucrative business

The investment value

Industrials know well that this power system called switchgear is of great importance to the grid, the equipment and eventually to the electrical delivery process. Thus, they invested seriously in that.

Therefore, the global switchgears capital market reached 84.14 Billion Dollar in 2016. This number is not final yet, it is even expected to double by 2024.

Capital of more than 160 Billion Dollar for switchgear’s investments is a promising amount for godfathers of this industry. Speaking of which, China is considered one of the owner of the switchgears market then comes western European countries. Eventually, the business leaders of electrical equipment are aware of the crucial role of switchgears. Consequently, economic analysts expect more expansion and enlargement in the market capital. The value of supply chain of this equipment is reaching a new record by 2024 because of certain reason we are going to discover in the second section.

The prosperity reasons

What triggered the prosperity of switchgears’ market is the global orientation towards urbanization. This includes the large expansion of infrastructure projects. These projects are proceeded by an expansion of electrical supply. Then power transmission would bring certainly a need of a wholesome establishment of switchgears power systems to ensure the best delivery of energy.

Furthermore, the second reasons of prosperity is due to developing countries progressive needs of modernizing and distributing more electricity to remote places. In addition to that projects of reconstruction in countries like Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Afghanistan would bring more investments in electrical equipment in general and switchgears in particular.

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