The Weirdest Sustainable Sources of Energy You Probably Did Not Know They Existed!

Scientists efforts to develop new technologies:

As power sources are the generators of energy, humanity needed always to work on that field excessively. Many laboratories have one main mission, which is to develop new technologies for energy provision. These scientists are going wild sometimes, they might go to the outer space, or simply might dig into the depth of earth to obtain the necessary energy.

These efforts are due to the huge importance of the field of energy provision whether from renewable or non-renewable sources. There is a huge increasing need for electricity , fuels , gas and other sources , this was the main problematic that made scientists starts this journey of research.

In this article, we are going to focus on unusual ways of renewable or sustainable energy generation.

Conventionally, renewable energy companies are first advocates of these researches. Their aim is to generate clean and green electricity, gas and other forms of energy.  The well-known famous sources of green energy are solar power, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric power. In addition, there is tidal energy, which is the dynamic power of ocean or sea movement.

However, scientists are developing other sources, which nobody expected and they present success stories of sustainability (most of them won awards too).

Solar equipment companies

The Weirdest Sustainable Sources of Energy

The sources, which we will be discussing in this section, part of them are still under improvement or in their testing phase, others are already installed in many or some parts of the world.

Solar wind power: Outer space energy!

We all know solar energy and of course wind energy. Those two renewables are extremely in use in our modern world (and even in ancient history). However, to link solar to wind in a very innovative way, bearing in mind that we are not talking about hybrid systems, is really weird. The solar wind we are talking about in here is the real wind of the big star The Sun.

The corona revolving around the sun liberates a flow of wind charged of particles. These particles, which are essentially electrons and protons, are extremely energized. This energized wind of solar particles runs in a speed of 900 Km per second with a temperature of one million Celsius degree. This huge energy if developed into useable sources of energy will provide for humanity the biggest solution. Scientists are still working on that unstoppably as this source of energy could solve the entire humanity problem of energy scarcity.

For now, the experiments are persistent to develop this idea, though part of it is already under use. Yes, in fact, for so many years satellites of the outer space depend entirely on photovoltaic energy directly from the sun.

Cremators’ heat exploitation: Dead corpses’ energy!

Since 2012, in Worcestershire (a town in England) the municipality has had a brilliant idea of waste management. Everybody know that waste management techniques are an essential part of sustainability of energy. Then, the idea was to use the waste heat of the cremator to warm the swimming pool of the Abbey Stadium Centre.  This brilliant and weird manner of generating energy is the first in the world in its kind.

This strategy saved the municipality of Worcestershire about 40 per cent of their usual gas bill and emissions. In the beginning, the inhabitants did not well approve the idea, but later they well appreciated that. Eventually, this successful sustainable project won the national Award of Green Apple.

Piezoelectric technology: Dancing energy!

Piezoelectric technology is based upon the accumulation of electric charge in solid substances. These solid materials could be solid crystalline or ceramics and other substances. Then mechanical pressure inducts and releases the power. Taking into consideration this theory, since 2007, Club Watt in Holland has been the first in the world to adopt it. The club is using piezoelectric energy in a very funny way. The floor is equipped by piezoelectric crystals, which are accumulating electric charge. Hence, while dancing, the customers pressing on the floor are providing sustainable energy.

People in the Watt Club are dancing and having fun, at the same time generating energy. The total results are 50 per cent saving of water, 30 per cent saving in energy consumption, thus, they cut off 50 per cent of their wastes and bills. Therefore, Kinetic energy, which is accompanied by piezoelectric technology, are producing sustainable energy. The prototype of “Energy Floors” was successful hence; it is used in so many parts of the world nowadays.

Cyanobacterial solar cells: Jellyfish and bacterial energy!

Solar equipment companies are perpetually improving photovoltaic cells. In order to reach 100 per cent efficiency, scientists are developing untraditional ways to capture more photons. They are also thinking about the recycling part of the issue that is why they are rethinking the components of PV panels and trying to make them as much as it is possible eco-friendly.

The idea also is to understand how plants and other bacterial creatures are undergoing the photosynthesis process. The success of nature photosynthesis process [1]is always 100 percent efficient! Therefore, if we understood how that is working maybe we can be imitating the natural course of that process and have the same ratio of efficiency. Scholars and researchers are working on the creation of cyanobacterial solar cells. Using the same technique a Cyanophyta [2] when it absorbs light to generate oxygen, scientists in New York have done the same. They gathered these bacteria in one small cell and astonishingly succeeded to generate almost 6 microwatt of electric energy. The amount of energy produced is small but experiments are still on.

Same for jellyfish, in 2011, Swedish researcher Zackary Chiragwandi, tried and succeeded to isolate the GFP [3]of large number of jellyfish. Then he created a solar cell out of them. Thus, the results was a luminescent glow.

There are many experiments, which are more bizarre.  Scientists are not saving efforts to find more innovative ideas to provide energy. If you have heard of more innovative or crazy ideas share it with us in the comment below.

[1] The photosynthesis process is when some creatures and plants converts lights photon into useable energy they need (oxygen and energy)

[2] Cyanophyta is a category of bacteria, which derives its energy by using the technique of photosynthesis.

[3]  GFP is green fluorescent protein of jellyfish in general. However, Aequorea Victoria is the biggest bioluminescent creature.

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